Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Your Mind

A man went to a Buddhist monk and said that "I am not happy with my life". "I have a hut and I am living with my big family". In his family he has his wife, 2 children, father, mother and grandmother. The monk asked that "do you have any pet also". The man replied "Yes, I have 2 cows, 2 goats and a dog". "Where are they living" asked the monk. "In my hut's Backyard" replied the Man. The Monk asked the man to let your pets also live along with him in his hut and come back here after 7 days. As the man respected the Buddhist Monk he followed his advice. Life of man became even more worst for the next 7 days. He came back to the Monk and asked for his advice. The Buddhist Monk now asked the Man to again let his pets live in the backyard of hut and look at the the difference. Now the Man felt relieved in the same hut with the same space and same members of his family.

Moral: This story is related to the human mind. We have lots of good and bad ideas in our mind. Remove those good and bad ideas and see the difference in your life. Emptiness of your mind is the real essence of Enlightenment.

Hare Krishna , Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!~!!!

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